Homestay in Sakleshpur

Homestay at Sakleshpur

Experience comfortable stay at Malnad Stays Sakleshpur Homestay

Sakleshpur offers a plethora of homestay options for a relaxing getaway. A popular hill station located in India’s Karnataka state, Sakleshpur boasts bountiful coffee plantations, fine weather, and stunning views, all of which will have you wanting more. Also, if you opt for a Sakleshpur homestay with pool, you can enjoy a refreshing swimming session after indulging in some adventurous fun. Our travel wizards at Malnad Stays are here to help you select a Sakleshpur homestay serving all your holiday needs.

Certainly, you can also choose to stay at the hotels in Sakleshpur. Nonetheless, if you are looking for an authentic cultural experience, homestays are your best bet.

By choosing the homestay option for your Sakleshpur visit, you can learn more about the region’s rich cultural heritage. As a homestay guest, you will be staying in your host family’s house. Homestay owners usually rent out spare rooms and houses for travelers. You can share meals with your hosts, and you can taste Malenadu cuisine and specialties.

Now, let us move on to discuss your homestay choices for your Sakleshpur visit. We will then list out the important considerations for making your selection among the different homestay options therein.


Your options in Sakleshpur homestays are discussed below:

1)      Homestay with Swimming Pool

A sakleshpur home stay with a swimming pool comes with tasteful interiors and space galore. Wake up to the noise of birds chirping outside, making for a blissful morning. Unwind with the morning newspaper along with tea/coffee breakfast. Take a dip in the pool before heading for your sightseeing tours. Can you think of a better way of spending your time amidst the pristine surroundings of Sakleshpur during your holiday break? Guess not!

2)      Homestay along the Riverside

A Riverside homestay in Sakleshpur is situated alongside the banks of a stream, with coffee plantations and mountains all around. You can view the picturesque sights from your room balcony. All these wondrous views are sure to beckon you and you can venture out to explore the territory beyond.

3)      Plantation Exploits

As a coffee lover, would you not love to wake up to the smell of coffee beans? Well, you can choose a homestay that is situated on a coffee plantation to fulfill this cherished wish. The coffee plantations are viewable from your room. What’s more, you can go on a guided tour for some self-indulgence with the scent of raw coffee and to discover more about coffee production.

In addition to the above homestay types, you have an array of other homestays to take your pick from. Speak to our holiday planners at Malnad Stays to know more about the facilities offered at the good homestays in Sakleshpur. Airy rooms, attached bathrooms, breakfast, and water & electricity supply are among the amenities available at Sakleshpur homestays. Some homestays offer all three meals and you can talk to our expert team about the related extra costs.


Some important considerations when making your Sakleshpur homestay choice are listed herein:

1)      Location

Depending on the type of vacation you are seeking, you should choose your Sakleshpur homestay. For example, a home stay sakleshpur that is close to the beach should be your pick when you want a beach vacation. And if you love trekking, go ahead and select a homestay that is close to the trekking sites.

Our holiday specialists at Malnad Stays will recommend a homestay that is best suited to your specifications. For starters, discuss your holiday preferences with them and they will give their recommendations accordingly. You can then make your selection as per your budget and needs.

2)      Accommodation Type

A spate of homestay options is available in Sakleshpur. Be it treehouses, vacation rentals, or bed & breakfast ones, Sakleshpur offers the option of them all to travelers. Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose an accommodation that matches your vacation needs. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take the treehouse option. If you want to laze on your Sakleshpur holiday, you may want to sign up for the Bed & Breakfast option. Vacation rentals are for those who are seeking some privacy during their holiday. 

Also, if you want to spend your holiday in the lap of nature, there is no better way other than opting for a homestay in sakleshpur with waterfalls. Playing in the water and sitting by the waterside all day long goes a long way in rejuvenating the mind.

3)      Range of Facilities

When choosing your homestay sakleshpur Karnataka, it is also important to consider the array of amenities available. Do you prefer a pet-friendly residence? Do you want your accommodation to be equipped with a kitchen, swimming pool, a hot tub, or a private bathroom? Does the idea of a place with a farm entice you?

Once you know the amenities that are important to you, our vacation planners can help you narrow your search while searching for the best option.

4)      Customer Reviews

Our travel specialists at Malnad Stays reckon you read reviews and ratings posted by guests who have stayed at Sakleshpur homestays. You can then identify and address any potential problems. Moreover, you know what to expect at the homestay. Browse through the homestay’s web pages, social media handles, and travel websites to read the listed reviews and ratings.

Besides that, you should consider the type of family that will be hosting you. Hosts that are friendly and welcoming add to the joy of the Sakleshpur homestay experience.

5)      Environment-friendliness

People are veering more and more towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. Even if you are conscious about environmental conservation, you may want to choose a homestay aligning with your values.

When you choose Malnad Stays as your holiday partner, our specialists will recommend a homestay at sakleshpur that uses renewable energy sources and organizes recycling programs. Additionally, some homestays promote sustainable practices, including organic farming and responsible tourism; and you can plan your stay with them.

6)      Budgetary Considerations

Most people consider the costs of opting for a home stay in sakleshpur because of budgetary constraints. Even if you are planning a budget holiday, the general recommendation is to check the costs of the different homestays and make a comparison. More so, you should take into account any extra costs for transportation, meals, and activities. After all, you want value for your money; and you can rely on our company professionals to get you the best deal.

7)      Special Requests

Before you confirm your booking at the homestay near sakleshpur, you are advised to convey any special requirements to your hosts. Some people have dietary restrictions while others require extra amenities because of disabilities. Your host family will be happy to accommodate any such special requests. Only make sure you give them enough time to make the special arrangements for you. Ensure that you do not give any trouble to your hosts during your stay, too. That way, you can make the homestay experience for yourself and your hosts both comfortable and enjoyable.


When you choose to plan your Sakleshpur trip with Malnad Stays, you can be sure to enjoy the best of hospitality. Our expert team comes with several years of experience in designing holiday packages. If the idea of a homestay in Sakleshpur appeals to you, you can meet our representatives and discuss your specifications.

While Sakleshpur is an all-year-round destination, our company personnel can recommend the best time to plan your Sakleshpur trip as per your budget. For budget Sakleshpur trips, the best time would be the shoulder season lasting from March to October. If you love the monsoons, then plan your visit between June and September. The temperature range in Sakleshpur during the rainy season is 12 and 18 .

More so, as an avid trekker, you may want to sign up for treks to Bisle Ghat, Ombattu Gudda, Railway Bridge, MagajiHalli Falls, Green Route, and Agni Gudda when visiting Sakleshpur. Here, you can count on our holiday wizards to recommend the best treks depending on the time of your visit.

Furthermore, Sakleshpur houses a host of tourist destinations. If you want to tour Sakleshpur’s coffee plantations, our company experts suggest visiting the Raxidi Estate where you can experience the rural way of life. Moreover, when you want to visit the famous temples in the region, our company specialists can organize your visit to the Sakleswara Swamy Temple, Shri Bettada Bhairaveshwara Swamy Temple, and Chennakeshava Temple, among others.

In addition, we, at Malnad Stays, offer various homestay options in Sakleshpur. Your choices are among farmhouses, tree huts, plantation bungalows, rural cottages, and old mansions. 

Now, if you are an environmentally-conscious person, the best homestay in sakleshpur for you would be an eco-friendly homestay. Our travel consultants can help to draw your Sakleshpur itinerary, which will include relishing organic food and staying in eco-friendly cottages. Plus, you have a range of eco-friendly activities for your indulgence, including cycling, bird watching, and nature walks. 

Call or visit us today and let us design a tailor-made Sakleshpur tour package for you and your loved ones!


There are many good homestays in Sakleshpur. Megha Adventure Homestay offers a host of complimentary activities. Suman Homestay provides a range of modern amenities. The Karthik Homestay, the Abhishek Homestay, and the Veer Adventure Homestay are among your other homestay options in Sakleshpur when you book with Malnad Stays.

Speak to our travel consultants for the best homestay in sakleshpur recommendations. At the Veer Homestay, you can enjoy a romantic time with your partner during the bonfire nights and rain dance events. Also, at the Coffee Bungalow, both of you can embark on estate walks and go fishing to spend some time alone amidst nature. The Karthik Homestay, the Suman Homestay, the Simple Riverside Cottage, and the Megha Adventure Homestay are some other Sakleshour homestays that have provisions for couples.

Our travel specialists at Malnad Stays reckon to choose a homestay at sakleshpur after considering some important factors. Some people consider the range of amenities offered at the homestay before finalizing the deal. On the other hand, cleanliness matters for others and they may review the housekeeping services schedule when making their homestay selection. Location and availability of meals are some other considerations when choosing your homestay. Moreover, you may want to know more about your hosts before signing the contract.

Our travel experts at Malnad Stays can help you book a home stay in sakleshpur. For starters, they will discuss your holiday needs, preferences, and budget. Thereafter, they will recommend some suitable homestays and list out the various facilities available therein. Accordingly, you can select a homestay that best matches your expectations.

If you are looking for a sakleshpur homestay with pool, you can book your stay at the Simple Riverside Cottage or Suman Homestay.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to tourist places in Sakleshpur. Some must-visit places in Sakleshpur include Murkannu Gudda and Hadlu Waterfall, Shettihalli Rosary Church, Jenukal Gudda Hill, Ombattu Gudda Hill, and Shravanabelagola – to name a few. Contact our holiday planners for a package including a sakleshpur home stay and sightseeing tours.

There’s much to do during your Sakleshpur vacay. Take a trip down to Manjehalli Waterfalls for some awe-striking views. Or, you can sign up for sightseeing tours to Bisle View Point. You can also go for a stroll around the River Hemavathi, which is considered to be an important tributary to the Kaveri River. Exploring the star-shaped Manjarabad Fort should be on your list of must-visit places, too.

Sakleshpur offers a wide variety of adventures. Trekking, camping, sightseeing, and temple tours are some activities to indulge in. Besides, you can engage in a range of water sports including kayaking, boating, swimming, banana boat rides, and river crossing, among others.

It all depends on the kind of holiday you want. Most people seek exciting adventures and they are advised to plan their Sakleshpur visit between October and March. During these winter months, the climate is pleasant for engaging in activities and sightseeing. Nonetheless, Sakleshpur has fine weather all year round and you can avail the best home stay sakleshpur deals with Malnad Stays.

You have an array of trekking options in Sakleshpur. You can sign up for treks to Bisle View Point, Murkannu Gudda And Hadlu Waterfall, Jenukal Gudda Hill, Ombattu Gudda Hill, Magajahalli Waterfalls, and Agni Gudda Hill – to list a few.

The driving distance is 220 km via NH75 between both places – Bangalore and Sakleshpur. Traveling by road is the fastest way to reach your homestay in sakleshpur with waterfalls from Bangalore; the journey takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes.

If you love the rains, you may want to book a homestay near sakleshpur with Malnad Stays between June and September. Sakleshpur experiences heavy rain showers during this time of the year, transforming the landscape into a heavenly paradise. Nevertheless, your options in trekking, camping, and outdoor sports are limited during these wet conditions.

Among facilities available at a homestay sakleshpur Karnataka include swimming pools, showers, parking spaces, refrigerators, onsite restaurants, power backup, and internet connectivity.

You have a plethora of complimentary activities to indulge in at the Sakleshpur homestays. Low rope activities, mud volleyball, bird-watching tours, rain dances, mud kabaddi, and estate walks are some activities that you can sign up for therein.

Our travel planners at Malnad Stays will recommend a Sakleshpur trip for your weekend getaway. Our packages contain sightseeing tours and adventurous activities to refresh your senses.

Sakleshpur boasts of many waterfalls, making it a traveler’s delight. Visiting the cascading Manjehalli Waterfalls, breathtaking Magajahalli Waterfalls enchanting Hadlu Waterfalls and stunning Mookanamane Waterfalls are some must-do things when in Sakleshpur.

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