Homestay in Coorg

Homestays in Coorg

Escape into Serenity with Malnad Stays - Homestays in Coorg Kodagu

A trip to Coorg, a hill station nestled in the Kodagu district of India’s Karnataka state, is ideal to revitalize your senses. Its rich coffee plantations, mesmerizing waterfalls, and scenic valleys will keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Now, if you are planning to visit Coorg and looking for affordable accommodation options therein, homestays are your best bet. Also, if you need help with choosing a home stay in coorg that is best suited to you, you can rely on our experts at Malnad Stays.

A homestay is all about living with a host family. Homestay owners have a spare room in their houses or villas that they rent out to travelers. Taking the homestay option is advisable when you want an authentic cultural experience of a new place.

There are activities galore that you can indulge in during your Coorg visit. Our travel specialists will recommend white water rafting on river Cauvery and trekking on Mount Tadiyendamol if you are in an adventurous mood. Moreover, you can visit the Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe to meet monks and browse through the rich collection of Buddha sculptures and paintings on other days.

However, if you want to experience the historical charm of Coorg, make sure to go to its administrative capital Madikeri. The Madikeri Fort and Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple contribute to the region’s historical significance. Besides, on your Madikeri visit, you can enjoy picturesque views of the Western Ghats and the adjoining lush forests and beautiful temples. The tranquility of Coorg and the range of adventurous activities it offers are some reasons for its raging popularity as a tourist destination.

Among other places to visit when in Coorg are Abbey Falls, Rajas Seat, Dubare Elephant Camp, Irupu Falls, Golden Temple, and Mandalpatti.

Coorg boasts of pleasant weather all through the year, with temperatures ranging from 14°C and 32°C. Nonetheless, if you want to engage in outdoor activities, the best time for your Coorg visit is October to March. Moreover, you can plan your Coorg getaway between April and June when you want to explore its numerous tourist sites. If you love the rains, our travel planners at Malnad Stays recommend visiting Coorg through the monsoon season that falls between June and September.

Besides, if you want a greater Coorg local connect, you can pick the homestay option. Well, if you want more reasons to choose coorg home stay for your upcoming vacation, we have listed 10 benefits for the same below.

Top 10 Benefits of Coorg Homestays with Malnad Stays

While there are many benefits of homestays, we give you ten reasons for them to be considered a good accommodation choice in Coorg herein.

1)  Interactions with Locals

Homestays offer the experience of meeting with local people. By doing so, you can learn about the different customs and traditions of the natives and tribal communities. More so, when you choose Malnad Stays as your holiday planner, you can avail the best homestay in coorg where you can not only meet local people but also live with them.

2)      Reasonably-Priced Option

Coorg homestays provide value for money. Rather than booking a hotel in Coorg where you have to spend big, a homestay in Coorg comes as an inexpensive option. Plus, hotel stays do not provide the authentic local experience of Coorg culture to the extent that homestays do.

Our travel planners at Malnad Stays can offer a variety of homestay packages as per your budget and specifications. You can also speak to them to know your options in coorg homestay with pool if you fancy swimming in the midst of greenery with looming mountains all around. After all, you deserve a break from work amid nature’s settings for your holistic rejuvenation.

3)      Homely Atmosphere

When you are exploring unfamiliar territory, the experience can be both challenging and exciting. Nevertheless, you can count on our travel specialists at Malnad Stays to book a homestay coorg Karnataka that is comfortable and secure for you. We handpick homestay destinations after careful inspection of all the important aspects. Feel at home as you enjoy the hospitality of the Coorg local community, which will have you wishing for more.

4)      Joy of Sharing Meals

Malnad Stays recommends including a complimentary light breakfast in the kodagu homestay room package. You can then get to share a meal with the hosts while learning about the region’s culture, food traditions, and cuisine.

Furthermore, if the time is right, you can even partake in the festivities of the Kodava festival of Kailpodh celebrated on September 3 every year. This auspicious day symbolizes the end of paddy crop transplantation, after which the men have to start guarding the paddy farms from wild animals. The Kodavas clean the weapons and agricultural equipment and decorate them with flowers during this festival. You can indulge in a feast of akki payasa (rice pudding), pandi curry (pork curry), and kadamputtu (steamed rice balls) with the hosts to mark the end of the festivities.

5)      Knowledge about Local Cultures and Customs

Although you can get knowledge about a region’s cultures and customs by reading, the experience of exploring them first-hand is highly rewarding. Opting for a homestay in coorg madikeri is one of the best ways to receive insights about the local way of Coorgs.

Among cultural experiences that you, as a tourist, can enjoy when visiting Coorg are learning the Coorgi language, relishing Kodava cuisine, and living the Coorgas way of life. In addition to that, you can sign up for village, office, and nature tours to know more about Coorg’s local history and community. Additionally, you can take part in the local events and celebrations when you visit Coorg to learn about its rich cultural traditions.

6)      Haven for Solo Travellers

Solo travel can be extremely liberating while some may argue that it’s the best way to explore a place. Also, when you choose a coorg homestay with waterfall with Malnad Stays, you can enjoy the comfort of staying with a family and avail a guided tour of the spectacular surroundings. In all, a Coorg homestay allows you to know the place through the eyes of the locals. Meeting interesting people while they share stories and experiences sums up the Coorg local experience.

7)      Learning New Languages and Skills

During your Coorg travel expeditions, you get the opportunity to learn the Coorgi language. However, you can become fluent in the Kodava language only when you stay in a Coorg home stay. You can speak in the local language with the host family and they can correct you during any mess-ups. Now, ain’t that a fun way of learning a new language without the formal setting of schools or colleges?

Even when you decide on a home stay in coorg with swimming pool, you can sign up for swimming sessions or lessons. Now, can you think of a better way to stay fit on your Coorg visit other than swimming with lush rich greenery all around?

8)      Discovering Hidden Gems

While making stopovers at famous destinations is the norm for travelers visiting a new city, they may not always get to know about their hidden gems. Well, by opting for a home stay in madikeri, your hosts can disclose some hidden secrets of Coorg and the neighboring districts. In addition, they can also tell you the best ways to reach such destinations while offering travel tips. Now, exploring a town’s hidden gems makes for an unforgettable travel experience, right?

9)      Lasting Memories

You may have stayed in many hotels during your travel escapades. Even so, the home stay madikeri Karnataka experience is like no other. By mingling with your gracious host family, you can make memories that you will treasure for your lifetime. You can become a part of their family by helping them grow plants, cook food, and feed their pets. All these memories will remain etched in your mind for a long time. 

10)   Availing Personal Growth Opportunities

Taking the home stay in kodagu option paves the way for your personal development. As you step out of your comfort zone, you can acquire new skills and gain fresh perspectives. For example, by contributing to livestock care and farming, you can learn about self-sufficiency and sustainability. Also, volunteering for a community project can enrich your understanding of community participation and social responsibility.

Choose Malnad Stays as your Holiday Planner for your Coorg Homestay

The reasons for choosing Malnad Stays as your travel planner for your Coorg homestay are manifold. Our experts come with several years of experience in designing customized homestays in coorg packages. Our Coorg tours are competitively priced, offering all you need for your comfort. Our travel experts can help you choose a Coorg homestay that best matches your expectations. Simply discuss your requirements with our expert team and they will devise a suitable homestay package especially for you.

At Malnad Stays, we endeavor to support small businesses. To achieve this goal, we maintain direct contact with owners while helping them save on high commission fees. Moreover, we are available round-the-clock to address any of your travel-related queries. Call us today for the best Coorg homestay package addressing all your travel needs!


Malnad Stays offers a wide choice of homestays in coorg. The Igloo Homestay provides private rooms and an array of modern facilities. Also, you can choose the Vijay Nature Homestay if you want pool facilities and complimentary activities during your Coorg stay. The Forest Bear Homestay, Harish Luxury Homestay, and Swam Homestay are among your other coorg home stay options.

Although Coorg boasts of fine weather all year round, our travel experts at Malnad Stays reckon that the Winter months falling between December and February is the best time to plan your visit to Coorg. You can then explore all the popular tourist sites while indulging in various adventurous sports.

Malnad Stays has tie-ups with many homestays in Coorg. Our holiday planners can help you find a pet-friendly home stay in coorg when you want to bring along your dog during your Coorg visit. The Lakeview Homestay and Swan Homestay allow pets and you can book a room therein.

Choose a kodagu homestay depending on the aspects that matter to you. You may want to consider the range of activities provided, location, and availability of meals when discussing your homestay options with our travel specialists at Malnad Stays. Moreover, you must select homestays where the hosts are inviting and include you in the household activities. You can read reviews of previous guests to know what to expect at the chosen homestay before finalizing the deal.

Yes, you have a host of couple-friendly homestays in Coorg to take your pick from. The Old Carp Homestay and Forest Bear Homestay organize Bonfire nights whereby you can enjoy a romantic time with your partner. The Flytern Homestay is another couple-friendly home stay in madikeri that you can book via Malnad Stays.

When you are booked at a homestay coorg Karnataka with Malnad Stays, you have numerous tourist destinations to explore. These include Makkala Gudi Betta, Harangi Backwaters, Golden Temple, Madikeri Fort, Rajaseat, and the Dubare Elephant Camp – to list a few.

Our holiday wizards at Malnad Stays opine that you must choose your Coorg homestay depending on your budget and the facilities offered. If you love swimming amid lush greenery around, you should choose a coorg homestay with pool. Among Coorg homestays with swimming pools are the Flytern Homestay, Vijay Nature Homestay, and Harish Luxury Homestay.

If you are a nature lover, our team of professionals at Malnad Stays will recommend you book a home stay in kodagu. Vijay Nature Homestay, Igloo Homestay, and Iron Camp Homestay are some homestay options where you can indulge in bird-watching sessions.

Malnad Stays has many partner homestays that organize a plethora of activities for your entertainment. You can play many games on the estate lawns, including volleyball, badminton, and cricket. Also, if you are booked at a home stay in coorg with swimming pool, you can take a refreshing dip in the pool after returning from a tiring day of trekking. In addition, some Coorg homestays conduct estate walks whereby you can explore the surrounding territory.

If you book a room at a homestay in coorg madikeri with Malnad Stays, you can avail an array of modern amenities. Geyser facility, parking zones, power backup, shower, air conditioning, rooms with attached bathrooms, swimming pool, and balcony are some facilities available at the Coorg homestays. In addition to that, you can opt for homestay packages that are inclusive of meals.

Coorg is reachable by air, road, and rail. Mysore Airport and Kempegowda International Airport are near Coorg. You can take a bus or book a taxi to reach Coorg from either of these two airports. Or, you can hire a bus via government-run or privately-owned bus operators to travel to Coorg when you have booked a room at a home stay madikeri Karnataka.

The reasons for Coorg being a popular tourist destination are manifold. Its picturesque views of waterfalls, streams, mountains, and coffee plantations are a big draw for travelers. Besides, there are numerous accommodation options in Coorg, including resorts and homestays. Speak to our holiday specialists at Malnad Stays for recommendations for the best homestay in coorg for you and your family.

You can avail a host of benefits by opting for a homestay in Coorg. While living within the Coorgi community, you can learn more about the Kodava traditions. More so, you get the opportunity to learn the Coorgi language. Additionally, homestays offer good value for money. In all, homestays make for a memorable stay while becoming your home away from home.

Coorg is gifted with nature’s bounty, boasting beautiful spice plantations and stunning waterfalls. To explore Coorg’s scenic beauty, our team of travel wizards at Malnad Stays will suggest embarking on treks. In Coorg, among the treks you can sign up for are the Kabbake Trek, Pushpagiri Trek, Subramanya-Kumara Parvatha Trek, Tavoor Hills Trek, and Chomakund Trek – to name a few.

The peak monsoon months in Coorg are between July and September. The misty weather, lush greenery, and breathtaking views are some reasons why many tourists flock to Coorg during the rainy season. However, you may not be able to go for treks and indulge in water sports during the wet months. Speak to our holiday wizards to plan your Coorg homestay during this monsoon season.

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