Resorts and Homestays In Sakleshpur

“The city that gives you the chills with its fills of greens”

A hill station surrounded by slopes adorned with tea, coffee and spice plantations houses many Resorts and Homestays in Sakleshpur by Malnad Stays. There are few of ‘the best places to visit in Sakleshpur’ ranging from impressive Monuments, mesmerizing waterfalls, enchanting temples, mountain trails to biodiversity hotspots.

What to do in Sakleshpur? Few of The best things to do in Sakleshpur. Sakleshpur is also known as trekker’s paradise. Places to trek in Sakleshpur are Jenukal Gudda Hill, Ombattu Gudda Hill, Agni Gudda Hill, etc.

Places to Visit in Sakleshpur are Star-shaped (Octagonal structured) Manjarabad Fort, Bisle View Point, Gudda and Hadlu Waterfall, Magajahalli Waterfalls, 600 year old Sakleshwara Temple, Shettihalli Rosary Church, Betta Byraveshwara Temple Hemavathi Reservoir and Most Recently introduced ‘Railway Bridge Walk’ between Sakleshpur and Kukke Subramanya stretching Kilometers together, meeting about 20-25 waterfalls on the way.

Resorts and Homestays in Sakleshpur by Malnad Stays range from budget to luxury stays, giving you an experience at your comfort, while also being situated perfectly to give you the best experience and accessibility to your desired locations. Short treks, jeep rides, group activities, malnad cuisine, guidance through your stay, are few of the many offerings by Malnad Stays.

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3,999/Adult Sakleshpura

The Golden Resort

  • 13 Rooms
  • 26 Guests
  • Hilltop | Pool | Barbeque
2,499/Adult Bisle Ghat
  • 7 Rooms
  • 14 Guests
  • Pool | Zipline | Floating Restaurant
3,299/Adult Bisle Ghat, Sakleshpura

Nihaara Retreat

Bisle Ghat, Sakleshpura
  • 11 Rooms
  • 22 Guests
  • Hill Top | Private Stream | Campfire
1,499/Adult Sakleshpur
  • 6 Rooms
  • 30 Guests
  • Rain Dance | Mud Volleyball | Boating
2,999/Adult Bisle Ghat
  • 21 Rooms
  • 73 Guests
  • Pool | Private Waterfalls | Rain Dance
1,799/Adult Sakleshpura

Weavers Nest

  • 3 Rooms
  • 6 Guests
  • Private Stay | Hill Top | Archery
1,999/Adult Bisle Ghat, Sakleshpura

Private Waterfall Cottage

Bisle Ghat, Sakleshpura
  • 6 Rooms
  • 26 Guests
  • Waterfalls | River Volleyball | Rain Dance
1,499/Adult Sakleshpura
  • 7 Rooms
  • 28 Guests
  • Hilltop Stay | Zipline | Mud volleyball
1,799/Adult Bisle Ghat, Sakleshpura

Simple Riverside Homestay

Bisle Ghat, Sakleshpura
  • 5 Rooms
  • 26 Guests
  • Swimming pool | Private Waterfalls | Rain Dance
2,199/Adult Sakleshpur
  • 10 Rooms
  • 28 Guests
  • AC Room | Pool | Wi-Fi
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