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“Come fall in love with nature all over again”

The banks of River Kali defining beauty at its best with thick tropical forests, exotic flora and fauna makes it a hotspot for tourists. To accommodate the tourists and ensure they enjoy the beauty of Dandeli at its best, there are Resorts and Homestays in Dandeli by Malnad Stays. Situated in North Karnataka, along the trails of the Western Ghats, it is lined with green landscapes, rich in flora and fauna, ancient temples, caves and more, being a delight for the nature lovers.

One of the best River Rafting photos from South India are from Dandeli.

What to do in Dandeli?

Everyone has something for them in this land, Watersports and Adventures for the enthusiasts, Safari’s for the wildlife lovers, hike for the peace seekers.

Must do things in Dandeli are White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Boating, Canoeing, Water Zorbing, Zipline, Hiking, Bird watching, wildlife safari, Nature walks, Eco Park Visit, Family Picnics and Jeep Safari.

Places to Visit in Dandeli Kali River, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali Tiger Reserve, Kavala Caves, Syntheri Rocks, Ulavi Temple, Satholi Falls, Magod Falls, Sykes Point Shiroli Peak, Anshi National Park and many more places.

Resorts and Homestays in Dandeli by Malnad Stays are situated amongst nature offering the best experience within the lap of nature. Jungle Stay, Zorbing, Kayaking, Zipline, Jacuzzi, Boating, Rafting, Swimming Pools, short treks, jeep safari, Campfire, group activities, Local cuisine are few of the many offerings by Malnad Stays.

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Discover Tranquility at Malnad Stays - Top-rated Resort in Dandeli

Dandeli town lies within the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Its serene surroundings, along with its rich flora and fauna, make it an ideal example of nature’s bounty. Book a stay at one of the resorts in Dandeli Karnataka with Malnad Stays to explore the region’s fascinating natural beauty.

You have a host of activities for your entertainment during your stay in this beautiful town. Kayaking, ziplining, Burma bridge crossing, and archery are among some activities you can engage in when in Dandeli. Furthermore, there are several tourist places in Dandeli to explore for your all-day entertainment.

Nonetheless, the time of the year matters; get in touch with our holiday wizards at Malnad Stays to know more about the range of activities offered during your Dandeli visit. Besides, you can talk to our holiday specialists to discuss your resort options in Dandeli. If you are traveling with your family to Dandeli, a resort stay offers all you need for your comfort and enjoyment.

What is the Best Time to plan your Dandeli visit?

Our travel wizards at Malnad Stays reckon that the best time to book your stay at the resorts near Dandeli is between October and January. You can enjoy the lush green gardens in the surrounding forest areas after the wet season at that time of the year. Also, it is a good time to go for river rafting at River Kalli. Active wildlife and the scenic beauty of waterfalls are among other reasons that could draw you to Dandeli during this time.

The harvest season in Dandeli falls between the months of February to May. This is also the time when trees shed their leaves and forests become dry. However, you should especially plan your visit to Dandeli during these months if you want to learn its cultural traditions by going to the tribal villages. Moreover, our holiday experts at Malnad Stays opine visiting Dandeli during this time of the year if you want to indulge in water sports. Along with rafting, you can sign up for a range of other water activities. Embarking on hikes and taking a dip in natural pools are among other things to add to your itinerary.

Now, if you love the monsoon season, you may want to plan your Dandeli visit from June to September. The stunning views of the Dudh Sagar Falls will behold you. Plus, you can explore other small streams and waterfalls by signing up for the trek from Castlerock. River rafting is not permissible during the rainy season; hence, avoid going to Dandeli at that time if you want to engage in this recreational adventure sport therein.

Enjoy a relaxed stay at Malnad Stays with your family at the best resort in Dandeli

Among activities to indulge in during your Dandeli visit are:

1) White Water Rafting

The resorts near Dandeli Karnataka organize rafting sessions for all levels, from fresher to master. Trained professionals will be there to guide you as you navigate through water passages, rocks, and rough waters.

2) River Crossing

Head to Ganeshgudi for some river crossing fun when visiting Dandeli. Make sure you adhere to all given instructions and wear the safety gear to avoid any untoward incidents.

3) Kayaking

If you want to learn Kayaking, the Kalli River at Dandeli and the Supa Reservoir in Dandeli are good places to do so. Reach Ganeshgudi at 0900 hours to sign up for a kayaking trip lasting for a few hours. Importantly, you must follow the instructions given by the trainers to be on the safer side.

4) Coracle Rides

Coracle Rides in Dandeli town include handling the boat oars and going around the Kalli river while you soak in the beautiful sights of the rich natural vegetation along its banks.

5) Jacuzzi Bath

Our travel specialists at Malnad Stays recommend a natural Jacuzzi bath at the Kalli River during your visit to Dandeli. Live the magical experience of water flowing down from the Supa dam into the Kalli River whilst engulfing you in its fold.


The best resorts in Dandeli are located close to popular tourist destinations. Add visits to these tourist sites to your must-do list of things during your Dandeli stay:

1) Syntheri Rocks

Syntheri Rocks are found within the premises of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. The flowing waters of the Kaneri speeding through a massive structure are worth a watch.

2) Supa Dam

Supa Dam, along with its reservoir, supports numerous species of birds and wild animals. After water is released from the dam, it gushes through the pavement. This water movement is ideal for water froth rafting. And you can witness these flowing waters from the Nagoda Backwaters.

3) Moulangi Eco Park

Moulangi Eco Park is about 7 km away from Sandeli. Its scenic landscape, bamboo trees, and evergreen forests create the perfect backdrop for picnics and treks.

4) Disney Park Dandeli

During your Dandeli family holiday, a stopover at the town’s Disney Park inside Teak Forest with your children is an absolute must. Your kids are sure to have a gala time while playing with their favorite characters, including Chhota Bheem, Mickey Mouse, Simpsons, Batman & Superman, and Avengers herein.

5) Kavala Caves

If you love exploring the hidden gems of touristy places, then you may want to visit the Kavala Caves in Dandeli. You have to travel deep within the forest to explore these natural caves that are an outcome of volcanic activity.

6) Anshi National Park

The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary houses the Anshi National Park. Spending an afternoon with your family at this adventure-packed national park can be educative and enjoyable. After all, this sanctuary is renowned for discovering the Black Panther within the Asia subcontinent.

7) Shiroli Peak

Watching the sunset with the Sahyadri Mountains in the background at Shiroli Peak makes for an interesting watch. No wonder this tourist stop attracts huge crowds all year long.


Guests can avail a host of modern facilities during their stay at the best resorts in Dandeli Karnataka when they choose Malnad Stays as their travel planner. You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the in-house swimming pool. Simply sit by the poolside with cool drinks and appetizing snacks to get your fill of the splendid sights all around while reveling in some quiet time alone. Pamper yourself with skin, face, and body treatments at the spa. Relish a variety of local dishes, including Akki Roti, Ragi Mudde, Bisi Bele Bath, Vangi Bath, and Uppittu, among others. Indulge in a host of indoor games such as Table Tennis, Chess, and Carrom. Enjoy the balmy breeze outdoors during bonfire nights. Sweat it out at the gym with your personal trainer for your physical fitness. Head to the saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on lazy days. Some resorts also contain a business room equipped with telephones, fax machines, and computers.

Moreover, Dandeli Resorts boasts spacious rooms with large beds. A mini-bar stocked with snacks and drinks is available in your room, too; however, you have to spend more for its use. Television with cable reception is among other amenities you can enjoy in your room. Telephone and internet connectivity is also available. Regular housekeeping services to maintain overall hygiene are also provided. Besides that, you can avail of laundry services, toiletries, and tea and coffee-making machines during your Dandeli resort stay.

Moreover, some resorts offer breakfast while others provide all 3 meals. Plus, you can visit the onsite restaurants to relish local specialties prepared by celebrity chefs.

The popular Dandeli Resorts are also located near places offering water and adventure sports. Talk to the resort management about any booking services or kiosks to plan your visit to these spots. More so, you can enquire about any special tours to nearby tourist attractions when you want to explore Dandeli.


Malnad Stays has earned repute in planning holidays for groups, families, and corporate houses over the years. We offer a plethora of resort and homestay options for your Dandeli stay. Take your pick among luxury stays, beach stays, pool stays, jungle stays, farm stays, hill-top stays, adventure stays, and resort stays when you plan your holiday break with us.

Our holiday specialists can help you in making the right choice among the best resorts in dandeli for family, depending on your vacation needs. There are various room options to make your selection from. Luxury rooms, semi-deluxe rooms, deluxe rooms, and standard rooms are among your room choices in Dandeli resorts.

Now, you may want to stay in a Dandeli resort that is near to the popular tourist sites, grocery stores, and local markets. Here, you only have to discuss your preferences with our holiday planners. They will offer a host of resort options for you to choose from.

Additionally, it is advisable to speak to our company professionals about your budget. Going by your budgetary constraints and holiday needs, we will design a customized family holiday package. We also offer all-inclusive holiday packages and you can know more about these deals when you visit or call us.

Contact us to know more about the best deals on Dandeli resort stays this holiday season!

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