Resorts and Homestays In Chikmagalur

“The land that refreshes your soul”

Nestled in the foothills of Mullayanagiri Peak, an enchanting place lined with coffee, tea and spice plantations, captivating biodiversity, wildlife, temples and waterfalls, has many Resorts and Homestays in Chikmagalur by Malnad Stays. Chikmagalur literally translated to ‘land of the younger daughter’ is one of the best picturesque districts in Karnataka, owing to its raging mountains to green lowlands.

Chikmagalur is a place for the young and old, high and low. There are many things to do in Chikmagalur for each and every individual, from having the best, happiest, memorable moments of your life to experiencing the most peaceful, private, and soul refreshing getaways.

A few cities and towns in Chikmagalur that are prominent for their temples, waterfalls, plantations, activities are:

  • Horanadu
  • Chikmagalur City
  • Sringeri
  • Rambhapuri Peetha
  • Kalasa
  • Bababudangiri/Dattatreya Peetha
  • Mullayyanagiri and Seetalayyanagiri
  • Kemmannugundi
  • Belavadi
  • Khandya-Kudure Abbi
  • Amruthapura
  • Marle
  • Angadi

What to do in Chikmagalur?

Places to Trek in Chikmagalur are Bababudan Giri, Mullayanagiri, Ballalarayana Durga Fort, Z Point, Kemmanagundi Trail, etc.

Places to Visit in Chikmagalur are Hebbe Falls, Jhari Waterfalls, Sringeri Mutta/ Sringeri Sharada Temple, Kalhatti Falls, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Inam Dattatreya Peetha and many many more.

Resorts and Homestays in Chikmagalur by Malnad Stays are situated perfectly to give you an easy access to most of the major attractions while not compromising on the view and the experience. Short treks, jeep rides, group activities, malnad cuisine are few of the many offerings by Malnad Stays.

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1,499/Adult Samse, Chikkamagaluru

Redbrick Homestay

Samse, Chikkamagaluru
  • 5 Rooms
  • 14 Guests
  • Hilltop Stay | Trekking | Couple Friendly
1,499/Adult Kudremukh, Chikkamagaluru

Parampara Resort

Kudremukh, Chikkamagaluru
  • 8 Rooms
  • 36 Guests
  • Volleyball | Pool | Heritage Architecture
1,499/Adult Kudremukh, Chikkamagaluru

Hasiru Thaana Homestay

Kudremukh, Chikkamagaluru
  • 5 Rooms
  • 26 Guests
  • Tea Estate | Bonfire | Waterfalls
2,999/Adult Kudremukh, Chikkamagaluru

The Breeze Cottages

Kudremukh, Chikkamagaluru
  • 4 Rooms
  • 16 Guests
  • Infinity Hammock | Private Waterfalls | Estate Walk
1,999/Adult Mudigere, Chikkamagaluru

Ombattu Gudda Homestay

Mudigere, Chikkamagaluru
  • 2 Rooms
  • 4 Guests
  • Hilltop | Water Falls | Coffee Estate
2,599/Adult Chikmagalur

Prathima Homestay

  • 6 Rooms
  • 26 Guests
  • Pool | Bonfire | Badminton
1,499/Adult Hornadu, Chikmagalur

River View Resort

Hornadu, Chikmagalur
  • 9 Rooms
  • 22 Guests
  • Breakfast | River View Cottage | Bonfire
1,799/Adult Mallandur, Chikmagalur

Sitara Homestay

Mallandur, Chikmagalur
  • 5 Rooms
  • 18 Guests
  • Coffee Estate | Bonfire | Breakfast
1,999/Adult Chikmagalur

Honeybee Homestay

  • 6 Rooms
  • 20 Guests
  • Pool | Breakfast | Bonfire
3,499/Adult Chikmagalur

Exotica Resort

  • 68 Rooms
  • 144 Guests
  • Villa | Wi-Fi | Pool
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