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Ultimate Chikmagalur Retreat and Unwind in Nature's Embrace with Homestay in Chikmagalur

Does the idea of a homestay appeal to you? Are you looking to spend time in the lap of nature in one of the hill stations in the Southern part of India? If your answer is YES then checkout our exclusive home stay in chikmagalur. A beautiful hill station, Chikmagalur, is traceable to the Chikmagalur district of India’s Karnataka state.

There’s much to do when visiting Chikmagalur, situated in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range. Head to the Coffee Museum to learn about coffee production, including the coffee picking and grinding processes. Or, you can embark on sightseeing tours to the popular tourist destinations around Chikmagalur, such as Ballalarayana Fort, Hebbe Falls, and Jhari Waterfalls.

You can also visit temples and pilgrimage sites during your chikmagalur home stay to know more about its rich cultural heritage. These include Shri Kalaseshwara Swami Temple, Sringeri Sharada Peetham, and Baba Budangiri – to list a few.

Besides, you can engage in a host of adventurous sports, indoor games, and outdoor activities during your Chikmagalur holiday. River Rafting and Kayaking in the Bhadra River, and playing golf at Chikmagalur Golf Club, are some activities for your self-indulgence therein.

Also, if you want to explore Chikmagalur, our specialists at Malnad Stays will reckon that trekking is your best bet. This bountiful hill station offers a variety of trek options to satisfy your wanderlust. Kemmangundi Trek, Kudremukh Trek, and Ballalarayana Durga Fort Trek are among the best treks to sign up for.

Herein, you can find everything there is to know about homestays in Chikmagalur, including the benefits, aspects to consider, and types of homestays.


The various benefits of a homestay at Chikmagalur Karnataka are discussed herein:

1)  Authentic Local Experience

A homestay in Chikmagalur allows you to immerse yourself in its local traditions, cultural patterns, and lifestyles. By interacting with locals, you can learn more about the local Malanadu cuisine and customs. Also, a large part of the population in Chikmagalur speaks the Kannada language, offering you the opportunity to learn a new lingo. More so, some must-try dishes during your Chikmagalur visit are Akki Roti, Pathrode, Hesarubele Carrot Kosambari, and Cheenikaayi Kadubu.

2)  Reasonable Rates

A homestay in chikmagalur is an affordable accommodation choice for budget travelers. While you can save money on your accommodation by opting for a homestay, you can spend more on discovering the natural beauty of Chikmagalur.

3)  Safety

When you opt for a homestay near chikmagalur karnataka, you get the opportunity to stay with a local family. You will feel at home in this safe and comfortable environment. At Malnad Stays, we prioritize customer safety and recommend homestays that come with security benefits.

4)  Hospitality

Our holiday planners at Malnad Stays recommend booking your stay at the chikmagalur homestay near mullayanagiri where the host families are warm and hospitable, making you feel at home. You can talk to your hosts if you have any special requests; they are sure to do the needful. Moreover, they could give local recommendations and insider tips when you approach them for the same. Plus, they provide customized meals if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences.


Chikmagalur offers travelers a wide choice of homestay options to cater to their distinctive travel needs. Among the different types of homestays therein are:

1)  Homestays with Swimming Pool

When you choose the chikmagalur homestay with pool, you can take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool before and after your trekking and sightseeing expeditions. Chill with an appetizing drink and yummy snacks by the poolside to enjoy the surrounding sights of the looming mountains and mesmerizing valleys – sheer bliss!

2)  Homestays with Waterfalls

The homestay in Chikmagalur with waterfalls offers stunning views of the majestic Mullayanagiri mountains. You can sit by the waterside all day long to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. And when you want some adventure, you can go on hiking or trekking to explore the territory beyond. Now, that’s what a perfect holiday is all about, right?

3)  Farm Homestays

As a nature lover, a farm accommodation would be the best homestay in Chikmagalur for you, offering an ideal rural experience. There’s a lot you can do in a farmhouse, including learning the nuances of organic farming. Plus, you can milk cows, feed livestock, or pick fruits and vegetables.

4)  Eco-Friendly Homestays

Environment activists are now promoting sustainable tourism. If you also want to minimize your carbon footprint, our holiday experts at Malnad Stays can book your stay at an eco-friendly homestay near Chikmagalur. Besides eco-friendly cottages, eco-friendly homestays provide organic food. More so, you can indulge in a range of eco-friendly activities therein, such as nature walks, cycling, and bird watching.


There are some important considerations to ponder when making your selection among the numerous homestays in Chikmagalur, as seen below:

1)  Location

Our vacation specialists always recommend a good homestay in Chikmagalur in a safe and accessible region. Now, if you are specifically looking for a homestay that is close to famous tourist sites, groceries, local markets, and bus stops, our travel wizards can organize that too. After all, we understand that you do not want to spend much time traveling; and you can count on us to find a homestay aligning with your preferences.

2)  Host of Facilities

You have a spate of homestay options in Chikmagalur to take your pick from. However, it is important to review all the facilities before finalizing the homestay deal. Check if the homestay has comfortable beds, clean rooms and bathrooms, and geyser facilities. Plus, some homestays offer additional amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, laundry services, and air conditioning. Nonetheless, you have to spend more to avail these extra facilities. Speak to our company representatives for the best offers when you want to enjoy some extras at discounted rates during your Chikmagalur holiday.

3)  Ratings

By reading reviews posted by previous guests, you know what to expect during your stay. You get an idea about the cleanliness, hospitality, and overall experience at the homestay. Homestays with high ratings and positive reviews make for a good choice.

4)  Hosts

Booking a room at the best home stay chikmagalur provides the opportunity to interact with locals. Well, It is advisable to get to know your hosts and their background beforehand. Choose hosts who are friendly for they can enrich the homestay experience. Also, you are in luck if your hosts invite you to partake in cultural festivals and share local knowledge with you. You will agree that reveling in the cultural festivities with the locals is the best way to become familiar with their customs and traditions, correct?

5)      Budget

Your budgetary constraints are an important consideration while you are booking your Chikmagalur homestay with Malnad Stays. Our holiday specialists can offer homestays ranging from affordable options to expensive ones. You may want to discuss your budget with them, after which they can design a homestay package as per your specifications. Additionally, we offer cost-effective homestays for groups and families and you can talk to our representatives for further details.


Our holiday wizards at Malnad Stays suggest planning your Chikmagalur trip during wintertime, which falls between September to March. Although Chikmagalur enjoys a pleasant climate for most of the year, you can also plan your Chikmagalur holiday during Early July – the start of the monsoon season. Walking through the coffee and spice plantations during the monsoons when the scent of freshly washed leaves fills the air can rejuvenate your senses.

However, the peak season to visit Chikmagalur is October to March, when the weather is perfect to explore its numerous tourist attractions.

Our travel specialists at Malnad Stays do not advise visiting Chikmagalur during August month because of heavy rainfall that could act as a spoiler to your holiday plans. Nevertheless, if you love trekking during the rains and plan your Chikmagalur trip during the wet season, make sure to carry all your monsoon trekking gear for your safety.


The reasons for travelers to choose Malnad Stays to book their Chikmagalur homestay are manifold. For starters, our company professionals are trained and experienced to devise holiday packages matching your budget and needs. In addition to that, our travel specialists are available 24*7 to address any of your concerns. Besides, we offer competitive rates, providing superlative service quality.

If you have any homestay preferences, you can discuss your requirements with them. At Malnad Stays, we offer a variety of homestays, including homestays with pool, homestays with waterfalls, farm homestays, and heritage homestays – to name a few.

Moreover, your room choices are among air-conditioned rooms, deluxe rooms, standard rooms, semi-deluxe rooms, and rooms with attached bathrooms. Also, you can avail homestays with internet connectivity and the Bed & Breakfast option. Additionally, you can book homestays that provide 3 meals a day.

If you want extra amenities at the resorts and homestays in Chikmagalur, you have to pay more. Nonetheless, our expert team can design all-inclusive tour packages as per your budget.

Get in touch with us to book your Chikmagalur homestay today!


When you approach Malnad Stays for your home stay in chikmagalur options, our travel wizards will give the best recommendations. Krishna Homestay, Deepa Homestay, Honeybee Homestay, Varun Homestay, and Pramod Homestay are among your choices in Chikmagalur homestays. However, if the hills beckon you, consider staying at the Rockwell Homestay which is situated on a hilltop.

When you and your partner are booked at a homestay at chikmagalur Karnataka, you have many activities that you both can indulge in. Embarking on the easy Kudremukh trek while navigating through dense forests and hilly terrain can be fun. Also, you and your spouse can take a trip to Alekan Falls for stunning views of cascading waters from 90 feet above whilst spending quality time together.

Chikmagalur has numerous tourist attractions, including Hebbe Falls, Baba Budan Giri, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kallathigiri Falls. Talk to our holiday specialists for some chikmagalur home stay recommendations that are close to the town’s popular tourist attractions.

Our travel planners at Malnad Stays can help you book a homestay in chikmagalur based on your preferences, needs, and budget. Our team of experts will have lengthy discussions to understand your holiday needs; they will then customize a Chikmagalur homestay package accordingly. You can avail the best deals at competitive rates when you book with us.

There are various factors to consider before booking a room at a homestay near chikmagalur. Our holiday wizards will suggest considering the kind of holiday you want beforehand. Besides, the location of the homestay and hosts are other factors to ponder upon before closing the deal.

Plus, you should review the facilities available at the different homestays when making your selection. If you want a chikmagalur homestay with pool, you can book your stay at the Rithesh Homestay and HunterCamp Homestay.

Malnad Stays has partnered with some pet-friendly resorts and homestays in chikmagalur. These include Path Homestay and Rithesh Homestay. Speak to our representatives at Malnad Stays to know the range of facilities for your pet in these homestays.

Our team of professionals will recommend the Path Homestay, Huntercamp Homestay, Krishna Homestay, and Deepa Homestay when you approach them for a couple-friendly homestay near chikmagalur Karnataka. There are bonfire nights organized at these homestays for you and your partner to enjoy a romantic evening outdoors.

A good homestay in chikmagalur has various provisions for your overall comfort. Swimming pool, microwave, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, parking spaces, microwave, shower facility, and on-site restaurants are some amenities offered at the Chikmagalur homestays.

There are a plethora of activities provided at the chikmagalur homestay near mullayanagiri. You can go on bird-watching sessions to spend time amid nature early in the morning. During the day, you can play chess, carrom and many other indoor and outdoor games to keep busy. At night, rain dances, bonfires, and music nights are organized, giving you the opportunity to meet other couples and families.

Chikmagalur is gifted with nature’s bounty. You can soak in the town’s beautiful sights by embarking on treks to the Mullayanagiri Mountain Peak and Kemmangundi Peak with your friends. Other than that, you all can go on hiking tours to Jhari Falls. Also, a visit to Baba Budangiri, which houses the Sufi Saint Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar, should be on your must-do list of things during your Chikmagalur visit.

Rely on our experts at Malnad Stays to recommend the best treks in Chikmagalur. These include the Kemmanagundi Trek, the Baba Budangiri Trek, Mullayanagiri Trek, Bandaje Falls, Kudremukh Trek, and Jenukal Gudda Trek.

If you are seeking an adventurous holiday amid nature’s settings, our travel consultants will suggest booking a trip to Chikmagalur during the peak season – October to March. You can then explore its terrains and coffee plantations while engaging in fun activities. Nonetheless, many tourists also travel to Chikmagalur during the summer season which falls between June and September to enjoy the pleasant weather. You can also immerse yourself in the breathtaking views when you are booked at a homestay in chikmagalur with waterfalls during that time.

It will take you a few hours to reach Chikmagalur by road from major cities including Mangalore, Bangalore, and Chennai. Many public and private buses travel to Chikmagalur. Or, you can hire a taxi to travel to Chikmagalur.

If you want to travel to Chikmagalur by air, you can take a flight to Mangalore Airport. Chikmagalur and Mangalore Airport are situated 110 km apart. You can book a bus or cab from Mangalore Airport to Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur is surrounded by hilly areas. That’s why autos do not ply therein. Rather, you can travel around Chikmagalur via buses or jeeps. Speak to our experts to book the best homestay in chikmagalur with a strategic location to save time and money on traveling

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