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Escape to Chikmagalur's Coffee Haven!

We Offer Premium Coffee Tour!

So Fun!
What is it?

Journey Through the Bean-to-Cup

If you are a person who often enjoys or obsessed with delicious coffees, taking a coffee tour in the birthplace of Indian Coffee, Chikmagalur, is a perfect idea for coffee lovers to experience the exceptional flavours of Indian Coffee, the culture and history of coffee production in India.

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We offer an exquisite experience of coffee trail in the green and cosy coffee plantation of Chikmagalur along with insight into history of coffee consumption, coffee processing and brewing, traditions, products and culture of Indian Coffee.

We Offer
  • Welcome Drink
  • Estate walk
  • Brewing Session
  • Malnad Lunch
  • Q&A Session
& Much More
Welcome Drink

Embark on a Coffee Tour in Chikmagalur and immerse yourself in a sensory journey through lush plantations, learn the art of brewing and indulge in a sumptuous Malnad lunch.

Estate walk

Get a first-hand experience of coffee cultivation on a plantation walk, indulge in a brewing session and relish a traditional Malnad meal on a Coffee Tour in Chikmagalur.

Brewing Session

Join us on a Coffee Tour in Chikmagalur and walk through verdant coffee plantations, learn the secrets of brewing and savour authentic Malnad cuisine that will leave you wanting more.

Malnad Lunch

Take a journey through the rich coffee history of Chikmagalur on our Coffee Tour and witness the process of coffee-making from plantation to cup, followed by a delicious Malnad lunch.

Q&A Session

Experience the best of Chikmagalur's coffee culture on our Coffee Tour that includes a plantation walk, hands-on brewing session and a delectable Malnad lunch, making for a memorable day out.


Our Coffee Event Videos

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What yotu Get


Experience the Journey of Coffee

Discover the journey of coffee from its origins to the cup... Understand the journey of coffee from the plantation to the processing, roasting and brewing, and learn about the different techniques and methods used in coffee production. You can learn about the various coffee varieties and other inter-crops that support the coffee production. Read more


Visit the Coffee Plantations

A walk inside the coffee plantation offers a welcome... break from the polluted air of the cities and offers you a chance to reconnect with nature. The air inside the plantation is fresh, clean, and fragrant, with a hint of coffee aroma that tantalises your senses. The fresh air, the chirping of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves make for a truly calming experience. Learn from the planter about their daily life and the challenges they face, and learn the process of coffee cultivation first-hand. Also, you will be surprised to learn about the sustainable farming practices that are being followed which allows the natural habitat to thrive. Read more


Coffee Brewing & Tasting Session

Learn from the experts and enhance your coffee-making... skills with brewing session. Get acquainted with the process of roasting, brewing, and blending coffee. Savour the flavours of Chikmagalur's finest coffee with a tasting session. Learn about the different varieties of coffee, their aroma and taste, and the best brewing methods, ranging from the famous South Indian filter coffee to the Aeropress, to bring out their unique flavours. Read more


Experience the rich Malnad culture through its cuisine

Malnad food is a reflection of its rich cultural heritage... and diverse culinary traditions, passed down through generations, with each dish carrying its unique story and history. A visit to Chikmagalur is incomplete without indulging in the local delicacies and experiencing the region's gastronomic delights. So, come and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable culinary journey in Chikmagalur. Read more


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